A weekly wrap.

A weekly wrap? On a Wednesday night? Yes. It’s my blog. Deal with it!

Besides, working in 7-day retail does weird things to your conceptions of time. When you’ve worked most Saturdays in the year so far, and a few Sundays as well, you forget what day it is. Add to that, only working 3 days out of 8, really screws with you. Mondays become Saturdays (top cure for Mondayitis, mind you). Wednesdays become Sundays. Fridays are Tuesdays, and before you know it I’m exaggerating in a blog post.

So naturally, working 7 days, not full, 8 hour days, in a fortnight really isn’t that crash hot for the hip pocket. I know the solution, and I’m looking for it, hopefully soon.

In fact, I actually have a proper weekend this weekend. I have no idea what I’ll do, of course. It’s only Wednesday, remember? I haven’t the darnedest thought what may happen.

I have had some thoughts about what to do in the free time I may get. Today, I wondered (on Twitter, even) how I may go about building and ISP in my bedroom. You know, the works: DNS, border routing, internal routing, and a link to our actual ISP via modem. I got some interesting replies; some advised me to brush up on the various Telecommunications acts (a fair point), other suggested I grab the “For Dummies” book on the subject (also valid). For now, I’ll stick to brushing up on my Linux skills and see what I can set up on my internal network.

I’ve also had thoughts of adding to the many posts online about the NBN, right here. Something highlighting how little Internet connectivity there is in outer metro areas, what Wyatt Roy, our local member, has to say on the subject (my guess, jack all). As an added bonus, my experiences working in a Telstra Licensed retail shop will give real world experience blah blah blah. Stay tunes for that one!

In the meantime, feel free to follow my shorter rumblings and other first world problems on Twitter, and I’ll see how I go with this NBN bit.


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