Can I have what I paid for, please, sir?

Image courtesy of TorrentFreak Much debate has been made out of ‘pirating’ content that isn’t available in a specific territory. But what if you legitimately purchased content but can’t get access to it? This happened to me two weeks ago. I was looking to purchase the new Album from Storm Corrosion. It’s available both digitally … Continue reading

iPad 3: Predictions

(This article is a parody of all those articles ‘predicting’ what will be in the iPad 3. Journos love writing these articles, because they are guaranteed traffic and they don’t have to quote many sources. This article is written in that spirit. If anyone links to this article or quotes it under the premise of … Continue reading

Coles and Twitter – not a fail.

We see it every now and again – a company try and use Twitter as a forum to encourage discussion. Last night, Coles dropped a Tweet that seemed innocent enough: Being Twitter, people soon caught on to the tweet, and started to add their own answers to the Twitterverse. Lots of snark, jokes, everything from … Continue reading