Moving on up!

Anyone who is a regular follower of me in Twitter has been following my hunt for a job in the IT industry in, I suppose, a service-level or network support/admin job. Well, I finally landed one! I can’t discuss specifics, mainly because I’m not 100% sure, but it’s a pretty varied client support role. It’s … Continue reading

A weekly wrap.

A weekly wrap? On a Wednesday night? Yes. It’s my blog. Deal with it! Besides, working in 7-day retail does weird things to your conceptions of time. When you’ve worked most Saturdays in the year so far, and a few Sundays as well, you forget what day it is. Add to that, only working 3 … Continue reading

Hello world; My First Personal post

It always amazes me how things turn full circle; like many others, the first computer program I wrote was a simple program that printed “Hello, World!” to a terminal. From this, written in C many years ago, to my first blog post on my own blog on a system far complex than the one I … Continue reading