Tesla Model S Test Drive – Gadget on Wheels

Recently on a cool, windy day in Sydney’s inner northern suburbs, I had the pleasure of test driving a Tesla Model S. A P85+, no less. These cars are the evolution of Elon Musk’s grand plan to get us off fossil fuels for our regular commute. They’re not cheap, but there’s a very good reason … Continue reading

Can I have what I paid for, please, sir?

Image courtesy of TorrentFreak Much debate has been made out of ‘pirating’ content that isn’t available in a specific territory. But what if you legitimately purchased content but can’t get access to it? This happened to me two weeks ago. I was looking to purchase the new Album from Storm Corrosion. It’s available both digitally … Continue reading

Moving on up!

Anyone who is a regular follower of me in Twitter has been following my hunt for a job in the IT industry in, I suppose, a service-level or network support/admin job. Well, I finally landed one! I can’t discuss specifics, mainly because I’m not 100% sure, but it’s a pretty varied client support role. It’s … Continue reading

iPad 3: Predictions

(This article is a parody of all those articles ‘predicting’ what will be in the iPad 3. Journos love writing these articles, because they are guaranteed traffic and they don’t have to quote many sources. This article is written in that spirit. If anyone links to this article or quotes it under the premise of … Continue reading

Telstra and the ‘whoops’ of AS1221

It served as a nice distraction from the over-hyped and bizarre ‘challenge’ to the leadership of Australian politics – a major issue with Telstra’s data network developed around 1:50pm AEDT, knocking over millions of customers on Telstra, Bigpond and ISPs who use Telstra’s backhaul links. I felt it myself – I had my Westnet (which is really an … Continue reading

Hello world; My First Personal post

It always amazes me how things turn full circle; like many others, the first computer program I wrote was a simple program that printed “Hello, World!” to a terminal. From this, written in C many years ago, to my first blog post on my own blog on a system far complex than the one I … Continue reading