(Based on the Policies page by Stilgherrian. Thanks!)


My Blog, My Rules! If you don’t like that, feel free to go to a website where you can do what you want, or make your own site!

By default, comments are enabled. Comments may be moderated – if you haven’t posted a comment here before, they need to be approved before showing. This may take some time: I do work and have a life!

However, I may choose not to publish, or remove, your comment if:

  • You make a personal attack against me or another commenter
  • You’re not on topic
  • You make no sense
  • I don’t want to.

My Blgs, My Rules!

You will be asked for a name and email address. It doesn’t have to be your real name, you can stay anonymous if you wish. Your email address won’t be published. I can see your email address, however, and I may choose to contact you with this email address, either to verify it, or reply personally.

I reserve the right to edit comments – but only to fix grammatical or spelling errors (if there are any). If they are many or numerous, I may not bother. In other words, “meh”.

Legal Stuff

I may post something you disagree with. This isn’t my problem, you are more than welcome to comment; however, abuse isn’t appreciated or wanted. See above. This also goes with comments here. Comments may be wrong, misleading or just plain stupid. Hosting of comments doesn’t necessarily indicate endorsement by myself.

I may post things that are wrong, misleading, ironic or plain stupid and unsound. Deal with it. And if you have a problem with what I (or others) post here, you are more than welcome to leave the site yourself. I’m not responsible for what you may think of anything here. As such, your reading of the website, comments etc. will be taken as a sign of agreeing to these T&C’s of sorts.

I have no intent of hosting anything illegal here. If I do post something that I don’t realise is a breach of copyright, please do not hesitate to contact me. Legal threats are inappropriate.

If you like something I write here, you are more than welcome to re-blog it; just give credit where it is due, by acknowledging the source and linking to it. Please let me know if you intend to use something from here, I’m an email or a Twitter @-reply away! And if you want me to write for you, by all means ask! I’m more than happy to expand my horizons. Again, just ask!

Privacy Policy

In the words of Stigherrian:

This is the Internet. You have no privacy. You gave up your privacy the day you connected your computer to the grid. What I’ll do with your private information is the least of your worries.”

This blog isn’t (for the moment) hosted by me, it is hosted by WordPress (Automattic). Their Privacy Policy is available here. As such, their web servers do collect information about you and where you came from, such as your IP address, your approximate location, the link you used to come here, or if you searched for me, the search term you used to find me. Some of that information is given to me by way of their dashboard to this blog. This information isn’t overly important to me, but I may look at it from time to time to see where visitors are coming from.

If you post a comment on my blog, or participate in a poll, the webserver will place a cookie on your computer’s browser to let the server know if you have been here before. This stays on your computer until you clear the cookies from your browser.

This information that is available to me will not be disclosed to a third party, unless requested by a law enforcement agency, chances of which aren’t very high.

Having said that, this information is hosted by WordPress, and is no doubt in plaintext, so anyone can look at it if they really wish, be it a WordPress staffer, or an engineer at a data centre. This, naturally is out of my control. Other code put on the website, such as Google Analytics and the sort, may also collect your data.

There may be times when I don’t log out of the Control Panel for this blog. In which case, only a small handful of people could possibly see the information it contains. I highly doubt they would do it, but it’s here for your information.

That’s just for this website.

Without wanting to sound too paranoid, the information that is recorded on this website has to traverse a network from your computer to the webserver. This traffic goes through your ISP’s systems, several computers, the website’s data centre’s ISP and the data centre itself. Anyone who has access to these computers and networks, be they staff or rogue (such as a hacker) may monitor what you and I do. There isn’t a way of knowing. You can get around this by encrypting the data you send, by using tools such as by using The Onion Router, or by simply visiting the https version of this website. But this only encrypts data in transit, and is unencrypted at both ends of the connection, and may be viewed at either end (including by malware on your machine). Again, there isn’t a real way of knowing.

That’s not counting federal, international or spy agencies who may be monitoring or intercepting these transmissions. Granted, it’s highly unlikely. But I put it here to make sure you are aware that on the Internet, you have very little privacy, whether you realise it or not. So what I may hold about ‘you’ is insignificant compared to what others may be able to find out about you.

What do I do if I want to know what personal information about you is held by this website?

Technically, as I’m not running as a business, I don’t have to worry about Australian Privacy Provisions (detailed, for small business, here). I know that humans are curious, so if you do ask nicely, I will take a look and see what it is I have access to, and retrieve what the site knows about you. This may take time, and if it is too difficult or nigh impossible, I will tell you as such.


(Thanks again, to Stilgherrian)


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